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The campus water dispenserPlant water dispenserKindergarten water dispenserHospital with boiled waterThe hotel water boiler Without a bucket of pure water equipment
  • Energy saving water dispenser
    Save electricity80%,Save electricity, ten thousand yuan a year;400%Water supply,7Heavy security,Multi-layer filter water quality health。Apply to the school、The factory、The kindergarten、The hospital、Units and other public places。
  • Double shaped water boiler
    100℃Boil,Double shaped charge in half,Step by step continuous water supply,Body steaming hot,Options to filter base。Applicable to food and beverage、The factory、The hospital、The unit、Schools and other public places。
  • Commercial pure water equipment
    Water content,The square tank;Water supply,Big flux water pump4In charge of;Water rate is big,Water has no back pressure;Water saving rate,No waste water discharge。Is suitable for the unit、Villas and other places。
  • The filter element.Accessories
    PPCotton:Separation of rust、The sediment、Eggs;Activated carbon:Adsorption of residual chlorine、Algae、High density metal ions;Polymer microporous membranes:Precision0.01Microns,Remove the harmful microbes,Keep minerals;ROFiltration membrane:Precision0.1nm,Filtering harmful agricultural chemical residues、Gold、Silver、Copper、Iron、Mercury and other high-density metal ions。
  • Company profile
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    Foshan Kang Liyuan energy-saving equipment co., LTD. Was established2004Years,Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales in the integration of new enterprises。
    Kang Liyuan company factory production area3Million square meters,Capable of producing energy saving water dispenser10Ten thousand units、Double shaped water boiler10Ten thousand units、Pure water machine20Ten thousand units of production capacity。
    Kang Liyuan company keep improving the quality of product,Put the interests of customers first,Asked the factory product percent of pass99.5%The above,Stable is known as the national quality inspection qualified products。Kang Liyuan company has passedISO9001Quality system certification、ISO14001Environment system certification、OHSAS1800Occupational health and safety management system certification...
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