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    Jinan three machinery co., LTD is a professional sales service provide the work high above the solution,The supplied products are widely used in plant maintenance、Industrial installation、Equipment maintenance property management、The warehouse、Airlines、The airport、Port、The station、Machinery、Chemical industry、Medicine、Electrons、Electric power and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance。
    All the products a total of eight series and more than 60 varieties,The main products areSJYSeries shear type hydraulic lift platform、SJTHydraulic cargo-lifts、SJYCThe hydraulic lift car、SJYLSeries aluminum lift platform and hydraulic stationary dock leveler、Storage battery, etc。All products comply with national industry standards。Developed by and we can be more than the mast rotary aluminum alloy、Track intelligent lifting platform and industry experts get the praise、Main performance reached the domestic leading level。At the same time, for the user, we can make to order various types of high tonnage cargo-lifts,Stationary lift platform、Special shape、The size of the lift platform and the parking equipment。
    Quality and service,In our opinion is no longer just an economic indicator,But a humanities index,Committed to....[More and more>>]
Fixed shear fork lift platformSingle column aluminum alloy elevatorThe double column aluminum alloy elevatorFour-wheel mobile shear fork lifterFixed shear fork lift carGuide chain type elevator
In the process of we use hydraulic lift,
Self-propelled Hydraulic lift platform ,With the work
Hydraulic pressure The elevator Drop rely on through
Our company is a professional hydraulic lift platform
First of all, you should know what you need
Three days:Technological innovation Comprehensive towards hydraulic litersThree days:Technological innovation Comprehensive towards hydraulic liters
Since the advent of hydraulic lifting machinery,Market demand has been on the rise。As users to improve the operation method and the productivity of the expectation and the implementation of relevant laws and regulations,Has already made a great development of the work high above the further development of car industry。The United States、Japan and Western Europe and other major industrial countries are overhead working truck needs first [More and more>>]
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