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Jiangxi mobil Aaron technology co., LTD
Mobil's science and technology co., LTD. Was founded in jiangxi province2012Years。

The company is located in jiangxi pingxiang west pearl at the management office of the national economic development zone kong chow,Is jiangxi province pingxiang key investment promotion and capital introduction of joint-stock enterprises,Strong financial strength,Is a collection of scientific research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of new energy enterprises,Has a high theoretical level, Strong ability to develop team。The total investment1.5Hundred million,The first stage investment is about8000Wan。The total area is about35000Square meters, The traffic is very convenient。

Company main development Gao Qingjie environment-friendly petrol,Each technical index is superior to the national standard,Companies adhere to the people-oriented,Science and technology leading,Quality,Keep good faith。Annual capacity for sales300000t/a。Good faith to win customers,Clothing Excellent service。The company will be first-class services,The first-class quality to build their own brands。The company has established a complete set of management mode,Further implement the scientific concept of development,Adhere to the management、Internal work practice,Focus on education Culture、Tree upright,Effective political performance of the enterprise、Economic and social responsibility,To achieve sound and rapid development of science。
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Gas Station
Energy providers,Is a blood relation of the economic operation,Is the mobil petrochemical
Is moving toward building a world-class energy chemical company's vision
Contact phone number:400-6235-323         Contact address:Kong chow management office in jiangxi province pingxiang national economic development zone(Red mountain direction800M)
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