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Jiangling transit17High top

2015-06 | 12.00Thousands of kilometers

12.80Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15


2013-01 | 17.00Thousands of kilometers

12.00Ten thousand yuan2018-10-31

The public view1.8T

2012-08 | 8.60Thousands of kilometers

9.80Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15

Honda accord2.4

2009-07 | 0.00Thousands of kilometers

9.60Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15

Iveco5A small

2016-07 | 3.00Thousands of kilometers

8.90Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15

Fox sta1.6High

2013-05 | 0.00Thousands of kilometers

7.80Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15

Renault Division I2.5

2011-03 | 16.00Thousands of kilometers

6.80Ten thousand yuan2018-11-30

Jiangling bible lengthened

2015-12 | 5.00Thousands of kilometers

6.60Ten thousand yuan2018-10-15

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Certified used carsUsed car with a more professional Angle to let you know

  • Renault Division I2.5

    The registration:2011-03 16.00Thousands of kilometers

    6.80Ten thousand yuan

  • Jiangling transit6Seat

    The registration:2011-12 10.00Thousands of kilometers

    4.90Ten thousand yuan

  • Passat1.8T

    The registration:2013-01 17.00Thousands of kilometers

    12.00Ten thousand yuan

  • Honda accord2.4

    The registration:2009-07 0.00Thousands of kilometers

    9.60Ten thousand yuan

  • Jinbei starfish8Seat

    The registration:2012-06 2.00Thousands of kilometers

    2.50Ten thousand yuan

  • BuickGL82.5

    The registration:2008-01 0.00Thousands of kilometers

    4.00Ten thousand yuan

  • Jianghuai refine7A small

    The registration:2012-02 0.00Thousands of kilometers

    4.90Ten thousand yuan

  • BuickGL83.0

    The registration:2004-03 12.00Thousands of kilometers

    3.90Ten thousand yuan

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    Former Germany Bosch group,Have rich experience of automobile power system development

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    GermanyBOSCHEngaged in the powertrain and vehicle and engine calibration setups

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